Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Book of Columns


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Many of you have read and appreciate the work of PMH Atwater, the most prolific writer and researcher of NDEs. To celebrate the publication of her new book this October, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences (Hampton Road Publishing), IANDS is offering a special CD with forty columns that PMH, as she is fondly known, has written over the past 25 years for the IANDS quarterly newsletter, Vital Signs.

This CD is vintage Atwater. No one has ever written better about the experience of the experiencer! Included is the exceptional series of columns titled "The Seven Most Common Aftereffects," probably the best descriptions of what it feels like after experiencers return from their NDEs. This is a must read for all experiencers and anyone close to them  - family members, friends, mental health and medical professionals - who want to understand why so much has changed for these folks.  

Interspersed throughout the CD are PMH's personal reflections as a researcher, speaker, and near-death experiencer herself; her observations on the field of NDE research; and numerous accounts of NDEs as told to her by experiencers.

All the columns are in PDF format, readable on any computer (the free Adobe Reader is required which is very easy to download), just as she wrote them originally. This is a collection to keep and pass on, and to give to another experiencer - especially a new NDEr - as a gift.

The price is $29.95 for the general public, $24.95 for IANDS members. To order, go to

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