Monday, October 02, 2006

White Buffalo

The same ranch in Wisconsin where "Miracle," the first ever White Buffalo was born, August 20, 1994, has now welcomed its third White Buffalo calf.

White Buffalos, according to American Indian prophecies, portend the uniting of all races of man and the restoration of balance to the world. The signal that such a calf is a real "White Buffalo," an emissary from the spirit world, is that the animal's coat turns from white to black, then red and yellow, before turning brown and staying brown - the uniting of the races in the changing of the animal's color. The first White Buffalo, called Miracle, was female and her coat changed exactly as prophesied. Miracle lived ten years. The second was also female but died three days after birth. This third one is male.

Floyd "Looks for Buffalo" Hand, of the Oglala Sioux Nation in Pine Ridge,SD, said the White Buffalos always choose one place, one farm, to come. "It is destiny," he said. Considering the way Dave Heider, of the Davalas farm 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee, has honored these births and embraced the many American Indians who hold ceremonies on his land, it certainly is auspicious that his is the place where these miracle births happen. Hand feels that it is very important that this calf is male. "It's time for man's responsibilities. They're not listening to their children; they're not hugging them. They're not telling them what life is about." He feels it is time for men to come forward in a spiritual way in the world and take responsibility for their actions.

For more information, access (the article is written by Emily Fredrix, of the Associated Press).

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At 12:14 PM, Blogger Lazarus_Long said...

How very true, I am told that I have too much conection to this world and the life here with-in. I am told to let go of the troubles that my eyes have witnessed and to stop crying for the ones who are given to pain and suffering while trying to do good to this place we call Earth. But how can I give this life up, some one must carry and must fell this pain or no one will surive what is comming. May our Father on High keep me strong enough to take one more step for it may be the step that saves one more good person,one more deserving of the truth with light enough to take over when I pass. Blessing to you all forever more.


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