Monday, December 02, 2019

Old & New from IANDS & Animal Lights

  • IANDS has now come up with a brochure about the major aspects of near-death experiences, and both the physiological and psychological aftereffects, plus the spiritual aftereffects.  This needed brochure was presented to the public at the August Conference of IANDS by Dr. Yvonne Kason. Contact the IANDS office for copies or to volunteer “getting it out there.” services at Or download here

  • “Psychology Today” featured an article in 2013 called:  Synesthesia’s Links to the Mystical.  Because so many of our youngest near-death experiencers come back with synesthesia, I am recommending that you read that older article again.  It is still relevant.

  • The most in-depth research yet done on those who had their NDE between birth and age five, is now out:  THE FOREVER ANGELS:  NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES IN CHILDHOOD AND THEIR LIFELONG IMPACT.  A startling surprise!

  • ANIMAL LIGHTS SERIES is an outgrowth of THE FOREVER ANGELS.  It is a series of children’s books, six of them, to help parents find a way in fun and joy to see if their kids remember being in the womb, birth, babyhood, like the animal babies do.  I believe that it is not enough for a researcher to explore the “field” and gather data. We must also address what we find and show “ways” to integrate results. has made it difficult for us to get these books available as we were told they would be.  If you’ve had any problems buying all six books, please know everything is now corrected. There are only four of us making this possible: not some big publisher, so, thank you for your patience! The Animal Lights Series is truly a labor of love.



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