Saturday, March 02, 2019

Unitive Experience and A Newsletter for the Curious


***The book Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience by Nancy Clark is now available.  Nancy was part of my first research group investigating the scope of near-death experiences and how they affected the lives of those who had them. She revived in the morgue, much to the shock of morgue personnel. Yes, she was that dead.  And changed because of it, as most are.  
Yet it wasn’t her NDE that changed her the most.  Years later, when she was delivering the eulogy in a funeral home for a dear friend, she had a unitive experience - became one with God.  Technically, what she experienced the second time was a “near-death-like” experience. Still, it was so powerful that she was utterly, instantly, totally transformed.  Yes, there are NDErs who speak of this and claim that happened to them too, but when you see Nancy and are around her, you recognize something else (similar to what spiritual wise-ones call “enlightenment”).  Yes, there are NDErs who match her word-forword, yet when you read this book, you recognize a gentle, quiet power that leads you through all hearts to a place no one can define.

A real treasure!!!

*** The March Newsletter is done - filled with some real surprises, especially about Jesus and healing.  If you don’t already subscribe, you easily can.  Just go to my website, then to the newsletter section, and sign up.  Totally free. There is an Archive so you can read past issues, years of them.  You’ll notice if you do this that the newsletter has transformed over the years, becoming a source of surprises for the truly curious.  There is no other newsletter like this on the entire web.  It’s exists because I truly like to share the joy of living, that which uplifts us and that which concerns us.  This world and everybody in it has been a “star attraction” for me ever since I could focus on what I saw after my birth.  This attraction exploded after I died those three times in 1977.  Thus, the newsletter really is “for the curious.”  No joke.

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