Thursday, January 16, 2014

Monroe Institute Meditation, NDE Video and Spiritual Retreat


***  There is a wonderful new CD available from the Monroe Institute called "Into the Light."  It consists of a meditative experience designed around near-death experiences.  Created by Scott Taylor, it is available through Monroe Products:

***  Cavern Films has come out with two outstanding YouTube films about near-death experiences.  Extremely well done and very interesting.  They are:

Surviving Death - A Short Documentary,

Near-Death Experience - A Longer Documentary,

***  The Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers in May 15-18 at the Mercy Center in St. Louis, Missouri. There are only 25 slots available, so make your reservation early.  Contact any of the following people:

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At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PMH, The longer documentary is very curious. It plays up Susan Blackmore, of all people as if she is an expert, and seems to give her the strongest final word. It doesn't even come close to pointing out that the subjects she refers to had no transformative impact whereas Pim van Lommel's and your research seem to get second shrift. Even the people who report their own near death experiences are positioned within the documentary as a foil for Blackmore's assertions. I don't think this is even close to a fair documentary.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger PMH said...

I cannot imagine what the commentor is talking about. Blackmore has been completely discounted again and again by some of the finest researchers in the world, including other types of scientists engaged in separate projects. So what “longer documentary” is this person talking about? The best of the recognized NDE researchers are, of course, Pim van Lommel, but also Sam Parnia, Bruce Greyson, and Peter Fenwick. There are many others. Since I used a different protocol, I’m often passed over as being “less than scientific” in my work, even though my work is on par with the others. Commentaries in the last two years by excellent reporters and medical doctors, who, on their own, did their own work, research, and checking, have all put down Blackmore. She does NOT come out on top. She comes out in never-never-land where she has always been. She is appreciated for asking questions, even though her answers fail to cover the subject she is trying to overturn.

Keep in mind: no skeptic the world over, Blackmore included, has ever done original research of any sizable amount, of both adults and children, that has ever examined the experience and its pattern of physical and psychological aftereffects overtime. You can’t name one because there isn’t any. Nada. All any skeptic does, including Blackmore, is piecemeal – this piece means this and that piece means that. In order to understand the near-death phenomenon, you must examine the whole incident: conditions at the time on onset, medical or accident report, police report if any, pattern of the episode itself, verification of any episode detail that can be verified by third party testimonial, any physical or psychological changed afterward, long-term effects of the aftereffect pattern, check with significant others to see what they noticed or continue to notice, secondary interview with the experiencer at least 8 years later to recheck original story and aftereffects.

Name me one skeptic who ever did even half of that. Certainly not Blackmore. Certainly not any of them you can name. Not one! Not ever!

Please share this reply. Thank you, PMH Atwater, L.H.D.


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