Thursday, November 07, 2019

New Book Series from PMH! Animal Lights

***  Big Announcement – the Animal Lights Series is here. The Animal Lights Series is an outgrowth from my book  THE FOREVER ANGELS:  NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES IN CHILDHOOD AND THEIR LIFELONG IMPACT.  The series consists of six small books about animal babies  who have prebirth memories, like many human children do.  Each of the six babies – monkey, fawn, kitten, skunk, hedgehog, horse – remember different things about living in light, conception, moving into their mommy’s “pocket place” (womb), developing a body, miscarriage, birth, handicaps, full healthy living.  Each book is designed to  help parents talk to their own children about remembering anything, anything at all, from before they were born.
      This is a joyful exercise in memory.  The unusual use of words and sentences in each book also helps children to play with reading, while they learn about language use. You can get on right now and start down- loading what books you want, or buy the whole set.   Available as an ebook or softcover – colored.  P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. is the author.  Eva Marie Sakmar- Sullivan is the award-winning artist.  Kevin Williams did all the design work putting these books together Amazon-style. And Steff Wiltse, the webmaster for Dr. Atwater’s website oversaw the whole project.  Have fun with Animal Lights.



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